Friday, 16 August 2013

First Impressions - my first blog posting ^^ it goes, my first proper blog post. Well, actually not my first, I have one floating around from a few years ago where I'd post about the Dalai Lama's visit to Auroville - I just can't remember where it went, nor the email it was attached too.

I'm hoping to make this a regular event, posting blogs, but I'm not going to make the 'I'm going to post every day' statement, because I know I won't ^^. What I do want to do is to share some insights, thoughts, observations, ideas, pictures, creativity, recipes (that I test out on hubby first) using no eggs/grains/dairy/and very little sugar and some other things relating to a healthier more awakened state of consciousness. I also want to write, because its what I keep telling people I do, yet I don't seem to get much of it done. I've got poetry and kids books in my creative stash too which I'll share in bits and bobs, plus I'm open to creative collaborations and of course available for work.

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To get things off and running...I woke up this morning with only one thought in my head, well actually not true, there were lots of thoughts but this one was jumping up and down and waving like an impatient child..'ME, ME, ME...listen to me!' - so I did. What did it say? It said 'Write this down. Being a Being."

I checked the clock, 7.30am, not a time to write surely. I went for a pee and snuggled back up in the sheets with hubby. Knock, knock, knock...tap, tap, tap...bang, bang, bang..."Being a Being. Write about it. Write about how difficult it is being a 'Being'," said the voice and then proceeded to run through why it's so difficult being a Being. 'Bugger it!', I thought and got up and went into the kitchen, diary in one hand, coffee in the other. I knew I'd regret not writing the rampant thoughts down, even if they didn't make so much sense, because they would nibble little by little at my brain and then disappear when I finally knocked the tamasic me on the head and decided to do something.

I suppose you want to know what I wrote? No? Maybe? Come back tomorrow because now it's time to go swimming :D. The local pool has a roof that retracts and the sun is in all its glory and I really need to ground myself.

Love & light till next time,
Mermie aka Louise

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