Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Hour of Dawn

I was very priviledged to have a close friend share this original, never before published piece of writing. It had been submitted to be published in the Auroville News & Notes, unfortunately they don't accept anonymous work...anyway I can vouch for the authencitiy of this incredible channeling and hope it inspires those who understand the deeper meanings and messages conveyed through this source, by the Mother.

The Hour of Dawn       

The following is a message received from the Mother by one of her children a few days after she left her body (document dated November 23, 1973). The person who shares this precious message with you prefers to remain anonymous.

Now there is emptiness in your hearts, a sense of having lost something very, very precious, lost irretrievably.

It is wrong to feel like this because nothing has been lost and more has been given to us than the world has ever possessed before. On August 15, 1973* the miracle happened, Mother has finally given us Dawn, Dawn the beginning. With a stroke of her arm She has removed all that was against those who strive for change, those who are the builders of the future, the builders of the City of Dawn anywhere and everywhere.
So you see, there is no need for sadness, no need for tears. Tears are only for those who see the past dwindling away, who see security and all they have hidden behind torn away. They are frightened to stand there naked, forced to move forward, ahead into the unknown, or to vanish.

We who move forward have nothing to fear. We are gently pushed ahead as fast as we can move without stumbling too often and without too much pain, too many wounds. We are gently pushed by Mother who is, or wants to become ‘us’, all of us and no longer something separate or an object of adoration where everything stops, where everyone, instead of moving ahead stops, staring in awe and expecting Her alone to do the work, to change the world, to change her body, and finally to open the gate and let us all in or only those who have stood by objecting, pulling back, destroying those who wanted to help and become the objects of awe and adoration of the whole world.

Since Dawn had broken, Mother had no longer need for this little frail body; She did no longer need to study the body that was one cell in the body of the Universe. She had finished with her experiences and observations and now She is starting to change all the cells, all the cells that are willing to be changed towards, or even further, than what the one cell has already accomplished.

The pace will seem slow for those who are willing to move, willing to change; and like a cyclone for those who are solidly anchored and believed that nothing could move them, nothing could shake them out of their foundation.

Since the beginning of time, fractions of truth about the changing of the cells and how to obtain physical immortality have been revealed, but as usual those to whom it had been revealed have always been silenced or ridiculed by those who opposed and whose numbers and powers appeared so immense that the ones who should move forward started to believe it to be impossible to achieve victory, victory that looked so near, so obvious, so sure. Or, they finally, under the pressure of the opposing and unbelieving masses of ignorance and darkness, joined hands with them, and so the opportunity was lost again.

Now we live in the hour of God, in the hour of Dawn, and we are given the chance to make it the most brilliant Dawn in the history of mankind; or else to sit in meditation and contemplation, delighted and in full wonder of the glorious spectacle it revealed to us. Or, we can roll up our sleeves and be determined not to let this glorious Dawn turn into a scorching, all-destroying furnace, and finally into a lifeless comfortable coolness of evening, ending in the most impenetrable darkness of night. Or else we can decide that never again will we be satisfied with anything less splendid than what is in front of our eyes and that the only thing all our strength and energy is used for is to create an even more splendid and beautiful Dawn.

But where to start, what to do, how to act - are the questions that search through our dazed fogged minds. We ask because we are used to asking and if we get an answer we can decide with our small brains if this is the answer we wanted and move ahead. Even if it is the answer we wanted, today we are too tired to start moving, and tomorrow there is always something else, something else for so long that we finally forget. We ask again, we ask other questions, we get the same answer; but again we cannot decide to move, decide to leave Mother’s comfortable lap and throw ourselves like brave warriors into the abyss of the unknown, or into light changed into an abyss of impenetrable darkness by our fears, hesitations and indecision.

These are the choices we have, the result will be the result of what we have chosen, and it is up to us, to each one alone to make the right decision, a decision that is unchangeable and final.

* Mother’s last darshan.
Note: I took the picture from the internet and share it with love

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