Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Sands of Time

I was digging through my writing today, or rather trawling through that which I've managed to type up, when I came across this piece which I wrote back in 2010, while sitting on the beach which used to exist at Repo, Auroville, TN.

Repo Beach, Auroville days after Cyclone Thane Jan, 2012 when there was still a beach...

Unfortunately, most of it has now eroded and the homes which were there are mere ghostly memories floating above the hungry waves...(I borrowed the picture so I hope the owner doesn't mind ^^) so this is my tribute to Repo Beach which inspired one of my favourite pieces of writing:

As I sit on the shore, letting the course sand particles drip through my fingers like thick water, I wonder…is it possible that I have touched this earth before?

Each minute grain was once a part of something a whole lot bigger. Maybe I’m not sitting on sand, but on the top of a mountain. One rock which rolled and rolled in the mountain stream, carried along in the fast moving current. Further and further it traveled, down into the river, bashed and broken.

Even further still, along tributaries, caught in the gills of a fish swimming south to the ocean. Once there, the sea dislodging and sucking each piece deeper within.

Eventually the tides, moved by the moon, churn and turn each boulder, each small stone, backwards and forwards to places unknown on the ocean bed, smaller and smaller still they go, moving down deeper and deeper, then suddenly without warning, uprooted and thrown into oblivion.

Finally, resting at my feet…

But how long this journey, one, two, ten, a hundred, a thousand or more years? No one knows. I could be sitting on earth touched by millions of souls along the way.

What I do know is that each grain still lives, still feels, still is…

The sands of time - once hard as rock, now soft as silk beneath my toes. Truly amazing to be literally on top of the world!

Immediately after writing this I had also penned the following poem:

The Sands of Time

The sands of time, they say
Billions of particles make up the bay

These grains I hold in my hand
Maybe came from a faraway land

I wonder, have I touched this piece of the earth before?
Could it be possible some came from the core?

The sea rolls in with a roar
On the backs of white horses, memories pour

Not mine, but of the sands of time…
 Copyright   04/01/10   Louise Anne Robinson

Jan 2012 - see the house on the right...
2013 - now it's gone!

Hope you enjoyed my memories...if you did you can always buy my poetry book which is available in 
e-book via my website or as a paperback via my store.

Love & light
Louise x

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