Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I am ONE

I was musing over my tea early this morning about how to next approach the job of colouring my hair. I have a pack of natural henna for such an occasion, yet I enjoy very much the sun-bleached blonde which adorns the lower ends of my successfully growing tresses.

The henna, while totally natural, will leave everything presently white-blonde a little 'yellow' and as the sun isn't shining so much now I'm back in the throws of winter in France, and it's not likely to come out for another month or two either, then there's no chance of lightening it using lemon & chamomile tea.

Nothing for 3 months!

Then I thought about going to buy a product from the 'Bio' pharmacy, after all they had colours which purport to be 'organic', and a little part of me said "Yes that would be good, do it!" - but the better part of me remembered that the reason I stopped buying wasn't just because of chemicals but because of the effects of the unsustainable use of all the palm products contained in the cosmetics. I also remembered that I had not taken on a job because of this stance of not wanting to support that industry, or in fact any of the conglomerates as much as possible (I am human and admit that from time to time I still reach for certain products when I'm not in a good state of consciousness, usually as a result of PMT ^^).

This took me along a whole other train of thought as I picked at the left-over salad from the night before and returned the piece of bread I had absentmindedly buttered and was about to eat. It was the bread and butter that woke me up actually, I don't eat wheat for many reasons (the topic of a whole other blog post to come) and yet here I was succumbing to my vital for what reason? Did I really want the bread? Was there nothing else that I could eat instead? Was I hungry? Why did I stop eating bread? Was it primarily because of the gluten, or because of the GMO's? If it was because of the GMO's was it because it was bad for me or because of not wanting to support the frankenstein comany that has created the monster crops which are dominating the planet at the moment? What's the point in trying to make a difference anyway, no-one else is bothered, why should I be? Am I doing it simply to make me look good, do I really care? Is my small contribution really going to make a difference and if not then I might as well carry on as before, it would make life a lot easier and cheaper...you see where I went, lol.

So finally, after refusing the bread and relegating it to the plate with the gluten-free and tasty Ginger & Sultana cake (own receipe ^^), and of course taking a piece of cake because I decided I was hungry after all the thinking, I reached a conclusion (not just that I'll go with the Henna, lol). This conclusion is something I think I need to print and stick on my fridge to remind me WHY.

I may just be ONE, but I am ONE all the same.
If my ONE means ONE less tree is felled
If my ONE means ONE less animal suffers at the hands of Man
If my ONE means ONE less drop of oil is used
If my ONE means just ONE breath of air is purer
If my ONE means ONE molecule of water is unpolluted
If my ONE means ONE less dollar in the hands of the adverse forces
If my ONE means ONE more soul on the path of truth
If my ONE means ONE more drop of consciousness on the planet
If my ONE means ONE more wave of love and hope penetrating the hearts of the enslaved
If my ONE means alienation from ONE other because I think and act differently
If my individual conscious actions change ONE small thing, every day...then I'm happy to be ONE

What are you? ONE or the other?

Love & light
Louise xxx

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