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The Ringing Cedars

A friend of mine gave me a book to read while I was in India last month because she said I might like it ('A New Civilisation' by Vladimir Megre - Book 8, Part I). I was immediately entranced, not only by the book but also by the wonderful story attached to it. It's one of nine books from The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book Series all by the same author.

There's one quote in particular that reached out to me from the book and which I felt was something I wanted to share as it contains sentiments I've felt within and often reflected on:

Anastasia says:
"God created everything Man needs - Man has within himself a means of transportation as well as imagination through which he can see far better pictures than are shown on TV. Man is also capable of effecting the mastery of other planets of the Universe without the aid of primitive artificial projectiles.

It was God who determined Man's purpose and destiny, as well as the programme of development for all life in the Universe. To attain the required understanding, Man needs to refrain from destroying His programme and to study for all he's worth and ascertain the purpose of everything on the Earth."

I say:
We need to get back in touch with Nature, to understand how she works, to work with Her, to nurture and to learn how to best use what's available for food, shelter and health. We need to talk less - we have within us the power to communicate without phones, without a need for flooding the planet with cell-destroying, unnatural vibrations. And we need to do more to utilise our inner resources for development, not the selfishly derived and mostly virtual thing we call money. 

We need to get back to basics, to reconnect with the soil, to re-learn the art of communication through body and mind, to learn how to stand still and really observe and listen to our bodies, to the earth, to all the wonderful creatures that deserve to be here just as much as we do, if not more, and who all have a place in the bigger picture - bees, birds, butterflies, ants, fish, lizards, cats & dogs all the way up to the bigger species like elephants, tigers and giraffes. Nothing else really matters but this right now. 

We need to nurture a "New Earth' from lessons of old, to prepare for and to emerge ready for the advent of the Superman...(not Clark Kent!) the ultimate evolution of our species. He won't arrive if the earth is not ready and the way we are heading it seems that it will have to be completely ploughed and replanted like a farmers field in order to start all over again with a new crop. A sad but distinct possibility.

In the meantime I do what I can in my own small space called a body. I have developed a thirst for knowledge, a closer connection with my soul, a better sense of hearing and sight which is not necessarily external, a wonderful newfound awareness of my own intuitions and an ability to sense the emotions of the life around me when I'm allowed to be still enough. I know our world as we know it will come to an end, it may be tomorrow, it may be next week, next month or even in 100 years or more but it will end. Yet, despite the dark days which descend from time to time trying to rock my resolve, I remain confident of and ever thankful for my own existence. I am love, I give love and I am worthy of love!

The following is an excerpt taken from the official website which explains the whole wonderful inspiration for the series (http://www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org/Main/English/index.php), I hope they don't mind me sharing ^^

The Story of The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book Series 
The story began in 1994 on the bank of the River Ob amidst the endless expanses of the Siberian taiga. The well-known Siberian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre met with two elderly gentlemen who told him about the amazing properties of the Siberian cedar (also known in the West as the Siberian pine ). At first he didn't pay much attention to what they told him, but as he continued to reflect on it, Vladimir began to discover, in the historical and scientific literature he examined, more and more evidence supporting their words. Finally he decided to organize an expedition with a fleet of river steamers. The expedition was ostensibly for commercial purposes, but in actual fact his overriding motivation was to find the elders again and learn more about the secrets of the cedar.
A meeting which changed a life
Having instructed his fleet's captain to maintain their course, Vladimir slipped away by himself at the exact spot where he had met the two elders the previous year. On the riverbank he found a woman waiting for him who turned out to be their granddaughter. She called herself Anastasia . This woman, through the depth of her knowledge, her sincere love and her outlook on the world, was to have a profound influence on Vladimir 's whole life.
At first he saw her simply as a young attractive woman who, though she appeared quite knowledgeable about modern urban society, seemed to be utterly naive in her aspirations to change that society from her remote location far off in the wilds of Siberia.
Later, however, Vladimir came face to face with certain psychic abilities of Anastasia's which defied explanation, even though they were undeniably real to his perception - inexplicably manifesting themselves in a tragic struggle of virtue against vice which unfolded before his very eyes. He was shaken by scenes somehow presented to him from his not-too-distant past, but from a totally new point of view. Now able to look at his own and others' behaviour more objectively, Vladimir gained a new appreciation of what Anastasia was endeavouring to do, and in an effort to help, he promised to fulfil Anastasia's request and write a book about his experiences.
Upon returning to his home in Novosibirsk , Vladimir made a series of unsuccessful attempts to spread this new outlook on the world among his friends. He went to Moscow and tried to organize a league of pure-minded entrepreneurs - again without success. Finding himself on the edge of an abyss, he finally remembered his promise to Anastasia to write a book, along with her assurance that the book would help many people see the world in a new light and give him the strength to go forward.

Then something incredible happened: without any specialised training, Vladimir Megre launched into writing a series of books which in a very short time became extraordinarily popular, selling in the millions, and would be translated into some twenty languages. Each passing day introduced more and more new readers all over the world to these remarkable writings.
The books set forth - in very clear language - profound ideas about the education of children and the importance of communicating with living Nature - ideas ranging from nutrition and health to spirituality and sexual relations. With their practical wisdom on matters of everyday life, the books have become the basis for a number of sociological studies and scholarly papers.

Note: Must get the whole of this Ringing Cedars Series of books (1 to 8(1&2) - 9 books in total).

1) Anastasia (ISBN 978-0-9801812-0-3)
2) The Ringing Cedars of Russia (ISBN 978-0-9801812-1-0)
3) The Space of Love (ISBN 978-0-9801812-2-7)
4) Co-creation (ISBN 978-0-9801812-3-4)
5) Who Are We? (ISBN 978-0-9801812-4-1)
6) The Book of Kin (ISBN 978-0-9801812--5-8)
7) The Energy of Life (ISBN 978-0-9801812-6-5)
8) The New Civilisation (ISBN ISBN 978-0-980181-7-2)

You can find them here:
and here:

Love & light
Ps. Happy New Year!

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