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My baby ADILOE hits the market in style!

'A Day in the Life of the Earth' now available on Amazon:

ADILOE was the first kids book I ever wrote. In actual fact it began as the script for a small play conducted  by the wonderful kids at Yatra Arts Foundation, Auroville on Independence Day, 2007, which was also an excuse for me to practice my sari wrapping skills too.

After painstakingly making face masks to suit the characters, much to the kids delight as I kept this as a surprise, I was inspired to create some illustrations one monsoon clouded afternoon.

The story of ADILOE doesn't stop there either. A little later during a voice recording session in Pondicherry at my favourite studio 'Astha Digital' I was introduced to Ramesh Reddy of equire technologies, an established epub firm. After a few meetings ADILOE was brought to life using my original illustrations...though never made it to the market for one reason or another, which I always thought was a shame as it was quite magical to see the characters smiling and blinking, I even added some of the sound effects myself :)

Not wanting ADILOE to be destined to be one of those things you do and then pack away to look at when you're old and reminiscing, I never lost hope. Et Voila! One drizzly day in Paris I got connected with Yannick from Lightbooks Publishing, who said he'd like to publish my little tome with some different illustrations. But don't think that was an easy decision my, no, no...the sensitivities of us creative folks (even if we profess otherwise) can get a little scratched, especially if someone offers to publish your book, only not with your illustrations - because that could insinuate that your pictures aren't good enough, lol. Not being quite so egotistical (I am a little, I admit) I offered ADILOE to the grace to do with as desired. And I'm very pleased to say that Celeste Aires did a wonderful job at recreating the characters with a retro yet modern twist.

So, the day has finally arrived when I can say that I am a published writer. I know it's not exactly 'War and Peace' but it's certainly a start and I'm very grateful to all involved along the way...a story in itself...from Yatra to equire, to Smashwords and (self-published original format), and finally to Lightbooks Publishing who have embraced me as a part of their international team...what a trip it's been.

Here's the recent interviews Celeste Aires (illustrator) and I gave for the launch:

A day in the life of the Earth inteview by authors Louise Robinson and Celeste Aires

hello Louise where do you come from and how long have you worked as an illustrator/author?
Hi, I'm Louise and I was born in Lancashire, UK...though I haven't lived in the UK now for over 13 years. I lived in Spain for 5 years, then India for 7 years and I now live in France with my husband. I started sketching when I was at school but then didn't do anything between 1985-1999 when I took up drawing and painting again. I wrote my first poem in 1999 and have not stopped scribbling since :)

tell us in few words about your book "A day in the Life of the Earth"
ADILOE is a simple, colourful and fun way for kids to learn about the cycle of the earth, sun and moon and few other elements too. It aims to spark their imagination and to get them to pay attention to the natural world around them. The original illustrations were inspired by the 'Mr. Men' by Roger Hargreaves - Celeste has simply offered a new dimension and more modern slant to my original concept.

do you work more digitally or traditional?
I'm a traditionalist at heart. When I write I write on paper before transposing to the PC and when I draw I prefer to draw and paint on paper or canvas...or walls or t-shirts...or fabric and even furniture!

what do you do when you are off work?
I read A LOT and I love experimenting in the kitchen. I also enjoy spending time in nature and the garden with my plants and animals (and my husband too, obviously)

what is your favorite book and color?
Favourite book is a difficult one...most inspiring, life changing one was 'Who will cry when you die' by Robin Sharma and I recently read 'My family and other animals' by George Durrell, which was an amazing and funny book. My favourite colour changes depending on my mood but it's mostly either red or lilac.

say "hello" and "book" to us in your native laguage.
As I'm now in France...'Bonjour' and 'Livre'


hello Celeste Aires where are you from and how long you work as illustrator/author?
Hi there! I was born in San Juan, Argentina, but I actually live in Buenos Aires where I study Animation Direction.
I¥ve been writing and drawing since I was little, but I became a professional Illustrator around a year ago :)

tell us in few words about your book "A Day In The Life Of Earth"
This is a book written by Louise Robinson and illustrated by me. It is a book for little children that
introduce diferent characters like the wind, the moon, the stars, the earth itself, among others.
It¥s a funny educative book that looks kind of retro. I¥m actually very happy with it!

do you work more digitally or traditional?
I work mostly digitally, but I love working with paper collage, watercolor, silckscreen printing, and many other
traditional materials.

what do you do when you are off work?
I always have an ongoing personal proyect to work on, besides drawing I like writing and rock climbing.

what is your favorite book and color?
I don¥t have a favorite book or color. I have many! But if I have to choose only one I think I¥ll choose the HervÈ Morvan artwork book.
I love the style and I always find it to be a great inspiration. About colors, I like them all, my name "Celeste" means "light blue"
so that¥s a color I really like!

an artist you like and you advice to follow?
It¥s very difficult to choose just one artist since there are so many great ones! But I definitely advice everybody to watch Wes Anderson¥s movies.
He is an awesome artist, in every possible way.

say "hello" and "book" to us in your native laguage.

Hola Libro!

Louise (aka Mermie)


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