Thursday, 13 November 2014

'Project Gratitude' is born!

After returning to Europe in 2012 after living in India for 7 years I very quickly began to develop EMF sensitivity to the point where I can no longer support being in an environment where there are mobile phones, wifi, dect phones...and the like. As you can imagine it means there aren't many places left other than home. Home in Ile de France, Paris for almost a year was the in-laws 3rd floor apartment 50 metres over which loomed 3 mobile phone masts. There were 2 'smart water meters' in the toilet...and that was just our apartment. The minimum RF(microwave frequency) measurement, all day long, was 0.25vm2 (Bioinitiative safe level being 0.02vm2!) Needless to say I was tired all the time and didn't go out much.

Hubby is also a sufferer and his lymph nodes had swelled to a worrying size and neither of us are able to work outside home because most places (offices, trains, planes and even the local doctors surgery) now have wifi and nearly everyone has a smartphone/tablet...all of which causes me to get an instant headache, nausea and worst of all heart palpitations which can be very frightening. It takes a day to recover from a short supermarket trip. It's a debilitating and very real malady, and it causes us to be severly disconnected from the world.

So, we finally managed, by the grace of the divine, to find an old farmhouse in the remote Auvergne countryside, 4km from the nearest mobile tower and with a calm 0.01vm2 reading. However, using all our funds to purchase we have run out of resources to repair and to build our dream - which is to create a self-sustaining, profit generating homestead where other EMF sufferers can take long or short term refuge away from the waves (nearly all hotels now have wifi too!).

Here's the deal....There's just the two of us; we survive on around 500 Euros a month (from the state, which doesn't pay me because I'm not French) - which is ok and we're very grateful; I've managed to grow enough food to sustain us in the 5 months since we came and am studying permaculture and medicinal/wild plants; and we've repaired as much as we could before our budget ran out. We're recycling all the materials possible and have found free sources for certain things like wood and tyres for future building.  We're not lazy and I try to get freelance editing/VO work but it's slim pickings I can tell you.
Project Gratitude is a project being built on thanks and with love and sincerity.

We desperately need funds to:
- fix the roof - 15,000 Euros
- get the bathroom plumbed and a shower installed (presently taking bucket baths and flushing toilet with waste kitchen water) - 3,000 Euros
- create an income generating food forest and aquaponics system (a la permaculture) - 2,000 Euros
And then, if we are blessed to do so and because we are so thankful that we have a safe environment, we would love to be able to offer others a microwave free place to stay which would consist of four double occupancy solar powered cabins with individual shower/toilet - approx 20,000 Euros.

As it seems that crowdfunding is the way to go to raise cash for viable projects I searched around and found '' which seems less comercialised than the likes of who seem to send marketing only for the techie projects, nearly all of which are based around 'wireless' (read 'wifi and microwave emitting') techology. And so 'Project Gratitude' is born! There are a few updates I posted there which I'll continue to repost here for now until we set up a separate blog - not having time to sit at the PC much (nor the inclination to be honest).

Check it out and please, please, please donate and share the link...if you can spare the price of a cup of coffee or lunch we'll use the cash for cement and roof tiles :D

Every euro, every cent, every blessing is received with gratitude!


Love & Light
Louise (aka Mermie)

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