Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - Update 2#

20 days ago we received our first donation from a complete stranger!...

I posted:

Our first donation...thank you sooooo much! It came just in time as we ran out of cement yesterday :)
What we started with...
The barn renovations are coming along nicely and hopefully we'll be able to get some chickens installed within a month! I miss eggs a lot - only once in a blue moon have I caved in and bought so called 'free range'...though I know they're far from free or out on the range.

Actually it's only possible to post 3 pics on Gofundme so I'm happy to add some more here...

Tyres to absorb heat...

The chickens are gonna have a stronger front door than us...
The reclaimed tyres are coming to us for free from local garages who normally have to pay to get them our investment in the big white van was worth every euro. Plus, we have some very generous neighbours who've let us take away their unwanted materials, or sold us some second hand stuff like tools really cheap. We had only a small hammer and a screwdriver when we arrived, lol.

Home-made scaffolding
Despite constant cries from JC (hubby) that he 'needed' some scaffolding he managed very well without once he saw how much it cost - almost 1,000 for a decent and sturdy set! Bricks on the other hand are multi-functional, strong and resistant and 1 Euro each...

Polly le Poulet

We did get an early visitor from across the lane. Polly le Poulet (Polly the chicken), an ex-battery hen, decided to come and test out my succulent salad leaves. Since her first visit she comes every couple of days for an inspection and sometimes brings a friend or two...needless to say I planted more salad because we have been privvy to the odd delivery of their super fresh and tasty eggs from GG the neighbour. This is what we call the social aspect in permaculture ;)

Don't forget to spread the word and the funding site link:

Love & light
Louise (aka Mermie)

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