Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 3#

Sometimes I just need to be creative, this was one of those days :D


A day indoors today for me...and a bit of creativity. I made the house sign out of a piece of old wood. Feeling very grateful!

Starting with the bare basics...old wood, paint, pencil, sandpaper and the design sketch

Starting to take shape...had fun with my fingers for the background colour

A new sign is born...taking front and centre stage are the latest pumpkins from the garden
 The 'hand-writing' of 'gratitude' was inspired by the handwriting of the Mother, mine's nowhere near that neat. Mental note to practice writing better, lol.

Until the next update don't forget to share and donate if you haven't already done so...just 1 Euro = 1 brick!

Love & light
Louise (aka Mermie)

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