Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 4#


A few pics to show what we've already been doing in just the last 5 months.

The gable end...needs attaching to the roof now

Managed tomatoes, carrots, radish, salad, courgettes, potatoes...not bad for a small space

Here were salad, carrots, beetroot, basil, corriander, parsley, gherkins and now many, many cape gooseberries are getting ready to be harvested!
There's not a single day passes when we don't do something productive...It's starting to get cold now though and it would be great if we could raise enough funds to finish off the roof so it actually meets the new gable end...covered in a huge plastic sheet now, but with the high winds we seem to be having a lot of there have been a few sharp intakes of breath I can tell you, wondering if it's going to fly off.

In fact since I posted this update just 17 days ago a small hole has already appeared in the cover on the top corner...grrr.

It's not just the house and garden that gets a make-over either. When there's enough extra cash available I splurge on the odd tin of paint...

Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Satprem's work all snuggly stored in a nice clean and light cubbyhole - even a small space for 'Mermie's' creations ;)

What looked at first sight llike it needed burning is now a core storage space in the kitchen that has no 'cupboards
 Lots more before and after pics to create, it's just balancing the time between needs and fancies.

Don't forget to share our journey and dream of creating an EMF Free Retreat (it's already EMF Free..just not much of a retreat unless you've got a tent or a caravan - in which case you could still contact us if you really need to get away from the waves and ground yourself...Ps. no alcohol allowed and we're vegetarian too, lol).

Love & light until the next update.
Louise (aka Mermie)

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