Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 5#


When we first arrived at the house there was this lovely door from the kitchen through to the bathroom. the other side it was just a huge hole which had been knocked out of the foot wide stone walls, with no bracing, no support...just huge stones dangling in mid-air and a weightbearing beam on top supporting the attic floor!

The 'Hole' that folks had been passing through (over the water pipes - now defunct due to too many 'holes' lol) to get to the bathroom...

I mean...would you walk under this knowing it was holding up the floor above - and the roof!

Needless to say we decided it must be secured as top priority as we didn't want a brick falling on our heads when we went for a pee, so JC got to make his first 'wall'

Now you see him...

Now you don't :D
 Unfortunately, there was one thing we forgot to do (I use 'we' though I didn't really have my say in the matter, lol, if you know what I mean ;))...and that was to remove the door and frame. We can still do it, but it might be a bit more tricky now the wall's behind it. I may just make a feature out of it.

A lot more walls have materialised since 'The Hole' was filled. I think JC's found his new vocation; from 'IT professional' to "Bob the Builder'. Can he fix it? Yes he can! :D,

Don't forget to share, share, share...and DONATE! Would love to get the roof on soon.

Love & light,
Louise (aka Mermie)

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