Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 6#


The broken part of the roof is finally covered, though we had to make do with the cheaper quality cover as the really good stuff is over 100 Euros. Hmm...12 Euros or 100 Euros let me think ^^ Anyway once the cover was on we had a storm and incredibly high winds so it was put to the's still there so fingers crossed it'll last till next summer when hopefully we'll have raised enough to fix it. Plus the landing and stairs won't get all slippy and wet now either so we can use the first floor a bit more easily and safely.

The cover, which unfortunately already has a small hole in ir!

Not looking forward to deep winter though as the 'open part' is unfortunately above the passage to the bathroom! Eeks...HELP!

So, as I mentioned in a previous update of the updates, there's a hole already appeared at the top of the apex due to all the rubbing from the high winds which batter this side of the house (damn HAARP!). Plus we get a lot of clunking from the bricks holding down the corners. You'd think they'd be heavy enough not to move...but no! We did manage to secure one end using a couple of tyres, though they too tried to wave around, incredible strength nature has.

As always, here's the important link to share, if they can raise $70,000+ for the family of the pilots of the space flight that crashed (even though I'm sure they'll get well compensated by Richard Branson) and if a chap who lost his dog in the Lake District for 3 days can raise $50,000+ - surely we can get enough to cover our roof and plumb in the toilet and shower!!! HELP!!!

Always smiling and always grateful,
Love & light,
Louise (aka Mermie)

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