Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 7#


Thankfully we've had a nice few days weather-wise, an unusual 21 degrees on the 1st November :) JC and Dennis have been digging...a lot!

This is just half of what it is now...the rainwater run-off, swale cum duck pond

It works! The rainwater harvesting system part I (it's been expanded this space)

The chicken coop is almost finished now and they've managed to incorporate a rather ingenious rainwater harvesting system which will not only provide a little pond, made out of an old kids sandbox, inside the coop for the chickens to drink and for ducks (if we get them) to have a little dip - but will also drain off into a bigger pond just on the other side of the fence. Hoping to create a nice little micro-climate there.

The pool inside the coop...nice and shallow and good for a drink!

The best bit of all this is that it's only taken the cost of a bag of cement as we had all the other materials in our recycled/reusable store.

Thanks for all the support ^^

...Actually, I added the last sentence with a little sarcasm as, apart from a family member and a few (actually 3!) encouraging comments the only other support we've had has been from the 2 strangers who made donations.

Hardly a share or a like on FB despite having over 150 friends, hardly a share but at least a few likes from posts on LinkedIn groups with a reach of say that our enthusiasm took a hit would be a little of an understatement. Even sharing on EMF awareness group pages generated little or no response. However, saying that, none of the so called 'friends' have ever enquired about the nature of the disability we suffer...even family don't take an interest so...what to do, humans are like that.I'm resigned to the fact that most of all human relationships are superficial. Once you can accept that it makes life a lot easier. I'm so very grateful that JC arrived in my life and that we have the support of each other. Being EMF sensitive is a lonely business...nowadays where there are people there are waves, hence we spend as little time in places where there are people as possible.

We'll make it, of that I'm sure - even if it takes 10 or 20 years (Divine willing that we're around that long, lol).

So here it is 'The Link' - share, share, share and please DONATE! Consider 5 Euros as the price of the coffee you would most probably offer to buy us should we meet.

Love, light and hugs
Louise (aka Mermie)

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