Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project Gratitude - update 8#


Even when it's raining there's still lots to be done. Waiting for funds to come in this week so we can buy some wood treatment and paint...a few little creatures have nibbled the wooden beams in the main room over the years so we need to treat them and make them look pretty again.

The boys are bit tougher than me and are still persevering outside. Today they're extending the rain gutter from the back of the house to redirect the catchment close to the new pond area and away from the house walls and foundations.

My essentials - pen, paper and of course a mug of hot coffee!
I took time to start really designing the layout/plan today. First draft finished and ready to send off to my tutor to see how it looks permaculture principle wise.

The 'Plan' - oh wouldn't it be lovely!

Current area of concentration - it would be great if we could get an ariel view afterwards
  Now, even though I did the sketch, which did take quite a long time, I've still got some other element s to complete before I can submit my project. I've got the scribbles down for the zones and elements plans and lots of notes for the actual 'Project Plan' - what I need now is a little inspiration to get my bum firmly in the chair, a little difficult when it's sunny outside and there are lots of other things to do, like trying to raise some money through the fundraising or from pitching for work on Elance, not to mention the seed-saving, harvesting salad daily, baking gluten free daily on the stove-top (no oven), preparing dinner, general house work, laundry, decorating, planting and plant care (including daily chats!), daily replacement of the fat balls for the mirade of bluetits, robins and other lovely birds constantly in the garden, oh and making time to read either the Mother or Satprem daily, and some asanas. Hmmm...Not enough hours in the day, lol! I'm sooooo grateful!!!

Don't forget, you can really help by sharing and caring (aka DONATING :D)

Love & light
Louise (aka Mermie)

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