Sunday, 7 December 2014

Project Gratitude #update 14

Wow, we recorded an all time low temperature this week...11.9 degrees...INSIDE!

Thanks to the donated funds I managed to get some curtains on special offer and with a bit of imagination JC mounted them using 1 Euro wooden broomsticks as poles (wood stained) mounted to the beams above the windows using pieces of thick chain. Because the walls are insulated with the polystyrene and plaster boards it's not possible to fix the curtain poles to the walls. Anyway it looks warmer, feels warmer and by jove I believe it is warmer...14 last night :)

A couple of transformation pics for you from the barn. There's now a huge straw bale in there which I'm using to cover the raised beds and places where I want to plant in spring. Just need to collect some cardboard this week for the sheet mulching.

Almost ready to tumble...

Everything except the ladder & steps is reclaimed materials, either from the land (stones were under the weeds) or from other sources (local DIY depot waste...I mean pallets, come on...waste? No way)

It's back to just the two of us now as Denis has gone home for xmas...and I think he's secretly glad to go somewhere a bit warmer, lol, it's apparently about 27 degrees in his folks house. He called to say that the first thing he did when he arrived was to cut the wifi!! Yeah! The next step is to change the dect phone for a corded landline.

If you're wondering why change the home phone... Well for one, the emissions from a dect are incredibly high, the same, if not worse than a mobile phone antenna (right in your home). They emit a signal every few seconds regardless of whether you're using them or not and they cause me more distress than the wifi.  And two, his sister has recently developed breathing and eye problems and his dad is recovering from cancer and EMF has been scientifically proven to cause or exacerbate these things.

Unfortunately our neighbours have them so I don't visit them often unless they're in the garden, and the post office has one immediately under the counter...I came out of there the other day cross eyed and with a throbbing head. It takes hours to recover...not fun!

We're very much on a drive to save up funds ready for spring when we hope to be able to get the woods changed on the roof...the first major step to getting it repaired now and joined to the new wall. It's a shame we can't do it now because the bathroom is like an ice chamber as it's immediately below the 'gap'. I'm so longing for a soak in a hot bath...but will have to settle for feet in the bowel and a vivid imagination for now, lol.

A bit of work came this week and I've been creating new VO demo's and up-to-date profile so I can get pitching in earnest now I've got a reasonable working space set-up, though a bit cold still. My Auntie has kindly offered to send us onesies for xmas...can't wait :)

Don't forget us and spread our story.

Love & light
Louise (aka Mermie)

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