Sunday, 14 June 2015

Project Gratitude #update 19

Well the worst bit of the roof is now sealed! No more rain pouring in, no more wind ripping off what ever tiles were remaining, no more lying in bed at night as a storm tramples over us hoping that the plastic sheet won't blow away!'s wonderful.

Without the help of the generous few who donated to Project Gratitude through GoFundMe it wouldn't have been our heartfelt thanks go out to all who made the roof repairs a reality - we're one third of the way there now roofwise and I can't say I'll be sad when the last tile is cleaned and replaced. But...that's a little bit further in the distance as we need to be able to put new insulation in as we go along the rest of the roof space. No point doing a job twice!

I've decided to reduce the amount of time spent online so I can concentrate on the important I'm bringing the fundraising over to this blog. There'll be a 'donate' button on here soon.

Plus, if you're interested to see how we get on as we continue our journey then please do subscribe to the blog as I'm also going to follow hubby's lead and go cold turkey on FB very soon...eating up way too much time and without any benefit. It's time to concentrate on infusing light into the way we live. I seem to have many 'friends' on FB yet it all feels very superficial. I've found some great articles and gathered some useful knowledge via others posts, yet they simply end up distracting me and before I know it 2 hours have passed. It's not the same as it was years ago and I hate that they appear to be filtering what you see according to what they think you want...they even messed up Farmville 2 without asking, lol. So, after 9 years I'm going to close my account at the end of the month. If you're a FB freind and reading this, don't worry I'm going to send a message to everyone with my contact info very soon and hope that if you are a 'friend' you'll actually put pen to paper and send me a postcard or letter...yes a real letter!

Hoping to be adding some Mermie's Permie treats soon - recipes and things you can eat in the garden other than the usual fruit and veg.

Love & light for now!

Louise (aka Mermie)

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