Saturday, 2 January 2016

Ring in the new year...on a corded phone!

As we move into a new year, another turn around the sun (if the earth is indeed round, lol), there is a wondering of what the coming months will bring.

Unfortunately, all that we see in the news, on the TV and in the newspapers, splashed and flashed on the internet are tales of death, destruction, carnage, aftermaths...we look for people to blame and those in power make sure we point all our fingers in the direction of their choosing.

We live in a world governed by lies and deceit, built on untruths and treachery...did you know that the majority of articles online are written by people with little or no experience on a given subject, that they themselves rely on other articles online to create new content? Did you know that business owners openly commission freelancers to write product reviews and products they've never and probably will never use? Did you know there is a force which is working to gain complete and total control, and it's using the very things of convenience it has created to 'make life easier'?

We live in a world clouded by pollution...some you can see but most you can't. There are lines in the sky and we don't question 'Why?'.

An ordinary day in Auvergne - didn't see this when I was a kid

 The supermarkets get bigger, and the ingredient lists longer (with words and names we've never heard of but which are derivatives of the same thing (namely GMO wheat and corn which stimulate your appetite, which makes you eat more, which makes you buy more).

People get sicker with illnesses they can't even pronounce and medicines which cost centimes to produce are sold at prices way beyond the means of the general population, the cost of which is then used to justify cuts in services, benefits and rising prices.

While smokers are now outcast to a cold corner of the beer garden, the real 'killer' is silently wrapping it's arms around us, infiltrating not just our lungs like cigarette smoke but penetrating every single cell in our bodies. This silent but deadly foe changes the entire make-up of our evolution, it is ravaging our DNA and sending blood cells into chaos...but it's silent, invisible, so we ignore it. The truth remains clouded in that smoke screen.You can hold a mobile phone next to someone's head on the metro and if (someone like me) asks that person to please move the phone away from my brain because it causes me pain there is a shocking reaction (yes, actually - anger and defiance), but if a person was to light a cigarette there would be hell to pay and a fine!

There is an invisible cloud over all of our horizons...

And as we are distracted by wars and 'terrorism' and mass shootings, while our aversions and hatred are riled, and slowly but surely guided towards their chosen targets, while we are led into a realm of distrust and racism where faith no longer resides, this silent killer gains strength, gets stronger, day by day (GMS>2G>3G>4G>5G - WIFI, WiMax,, free, FREE-DOOM). And day by day we become weaker and weaker, our minds dissolving, becoming blank canvases for the powers that 'BE'.

THEY are experimenting with the very things which THEY once told us sustain our existence on this planet; the things unique to our ecosystem; the things which keep us and the earth 'ALIVE'! Yet most people have never heard of the word 'ionosphere' nor that they have installations around the globe which purposefully play with this delicate membrane which protects us from radiation from the sun and other natural sources. They give these 'machines' soft sounding names like HAARP. They call the experiment to create a blackhole 'CERN' so we might instead hear 'concern' - like they care. They fill every molecule of air with electromagnetic waves, levels of which are now MILLIONS of times higher than life on earth has ever encountered. They don't tell you they didn't test it (well they did but not for it's safety). They don't tell you it's about control - of mind and bodies. They don't ask your opinion. They simply created the biggest and most successful marketing campaign since they added the words 'rinse and repeat' on the back of a shampoo bottle or put the photo of toothpaste covering the entire length of the toothbrush on the toothpaste boxes! Let's face it, we don't even have clarity on who 'THEY' are because they are not the leaders of countries, they are not governments...THEY simply ARE and WE don't understand that we are simply pawns in a giant chess game.

In the background of all the untruth, of all the deceit and lies, there is a renegade brigade which is every more quickly gaining in numbers. This new army consists of beings who have been given the gift of sensitivity to all that ails the population - sensitivities of both a physical and mental nature. This new army is old fashioned of a kind - it is guided by intuition, by faith, by love, by hope and by a desire for harmony and rebalance.

I am a part of that new army. My name is Louise and I'm electrosensitive!

As this new year takes hold I pray that you may all find real peace, real love, real harmony...that you may all be liberated from all of your miseries.

Love & light
Louise (aka Louise!)

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